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This is Danielog

Def. I am a freelance Digital Marketer in Australia helping businesses and companies to drive their digital transformation and achieve their online goals.

I can help you to ...

I analyse your project, environment and competition to find the best way to reach your target audience and maximise your results.

SEO Consultant

For those looking for visibility and long term results. SEO is a constant process that can last 6 months, but without a doubt its results last over time.

PPC Campaigns

For those looking for short-term results. Campaigns aimed at maximising the number of sales or leads through different digital channels.

Web Design

For those who are looking for a web design in Wordpress, a maintenance of their website, or a consultancy to update the content of their website or other aspects.

Digital Strategies I made ...

Web Design and Digital Strategy SEO and SEM for a real estate agency in Barcelona.

Landing Web Design and implementation for Web Analytics.

Planning and Implementation of the Digital Strategy of the Romea Theatre of Barcelona

Landing Web Design and Advertising Campaigns to increase theatre sales in Barcelona.
And a few more!

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How could we start working?

First of all, I need to understand the key aspects of your business to be able to adjust the Digital Strategy as much as possible.

Phase I
Let's get started!

We start with a short online meeting or e-mail where you explain me your project, your competitive advantage, your competition, your target audience and your desired objectives. The aim is for me to understand your project perfectly so that I can help you achieve your results.

Phase II
Studying the project
I study what your objectives are, the target you are aiming at, and I analyse the competition. From the study, I intend to give you a clear digital strategy oriented to obtain the desired results.
Phase III
Implementing digital actions

Depending on the needs of each project, some actions will be executed or others. Within my digital proposal you will find: SEO positioning to improve visibility in search engines; SEM campaigns to obtain results in a short period of time; Web help for those who need to edit and improve pages of their domain.

Phase IV
Analysing the results

After carrying out any digital action, the results obtained must be measured and analysed. The objective is to know if the desired goals are being achieved and to study new opportunities to continue growing and orienting the digital strategy. 

Companies where I have been able to develop Digital Marketing and Strategy

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The importance of the right Digital Transformation Strategy

Target Audience

Studying and analysing the target audience is key to determining the success of the digital strategy. If we are clear about our target, we will be able to better orientate online actions and make the investment profitable.

Keyword Research

Knowing the main keywords of our sector and competition are essential to maximise traffic to our website and SEO positioning in search engines.


Conducting a study of the competence around your digital actions can give us an insight into the strategy you have carried out and the results you have obtained.

Web Analytics

Monitor user behaviour to know the main statistics (KPIs) that allow us to improve the sales funnel and maximise the benefits of the website.

Content Optimisation

Optimising content so that it is relevant to the queries made by users is essential to appear at the top of search engine rankings.

Digital Marketing Channels

The Digital Strategy is multichannel and tries to reach your audience through SEO positioning, advertising campaigns, social networks, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Offline Marketing delivers its actions through traditional channels such as the media, radio or television. While Digital Marketing develops its strategy in online channels such as search engines, advertising campaigns on Google or social networks and other online actions.

The goal of a Digital Marketing Strategy is to transform your business for the online world. Increasing your performance, visibility and your sales or results.

The main advantage is that the result obtained is measurable. Thanks to this, any digital action can be segmented and focused on reaching your company’s target audience. In this way, the strategy is always more effective and efficient.

The types of Digital Marketing that exist depend on the objective to be achieved:

  • SEO Positioning: This refers to achieving visibility and results through a good positioning of all the pages of a website in Google.
  • Online Advertising Campaigns: When your objective is to achieve results in a short period of time, this is your best option. Through advertising campaigns on Google and social networks, you can achieve your desired results from this very month.
  • E-Mail Marketing: The objective is to have a large database of your customers to carry out digital actions through the Newsletter or automatic e-mails. This type of strategy tends to be more oriented towards customer loyalty.
  • Inbound Marketing: Its actions are focused on generating content on the website and social networks to attract traffic and convert it through a sales funnel or optimised sales process.

In addition, we can also find other types such as Influencer Marketing, Blended Marketing or Internal Marketing

The definition of the Digital Marketing strategy will always depend on your business or project and your expected objectives. However, as a general rule, in my work I always include:

  • Research and analysis of your project, your environment and your competition.
  • Definition of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary objectives.
  • Implementation of the Digital Strategy in all your online channels.
  • Performance monitoring and optimisation of actions to maximise results.
  • Measurement and analysis to continue generating new growth opportunities.
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