About Me

My name is Daniel Ortega García and I am a Digital Marketing specialist with more than 7 years of experience. I have worked with small and large companies in sectors such as theatres, personal training, training, online shops, real estate and much more.

Shall we talk?

My mission is to help you in the Digital Strategy of your project and business to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

My passion for Digital Marketing dates back to more than 7 years ago, where I started to discover this wonderful world within a small Digital Marketing agency.

From the very first moment I became very interested in the different Digital Strategies and Transformations that exist and I specialised in the areas of SEO Positioning, SEM Advertising Campaigns and Web Design.

Besides working in the Spanish and European markets, I wanted to go one step further and came to Australia to learn about the different tools and methodologies that were used in the international market.

After having worked in several SMEs and marketing and communication agencies, I decided to start my own adventure helping different people to achieve their digital goals.

My aim is to understand your project perfectly in order to find the best way to achieve your goals. From the very first moment, you will receive a close and personalised service that will make you feel safe, listened to and on track.

Through phone calls and face-to-face meetings, together we will outline your project’s online strategy. We will carry out an analysis of your website, your competition and your target audience. In short, we will analyse your current situation to focus each action and reach your goals as soon as possible.

My work philosophy is to believe in your project as if it were my own. I want to understand why it exists, the values you want to transmit and what makes it different from others. For me, communication with you is of vital importance because the more information I have, the more the project will be adapted to your needs. Also, you will have the possibility to contact me 24/7 to clarify any doubts that may arise during the SEO, SEM or web design process.

The main values with which I have wanted to create my brand, Danielog, are:

  • Transparency: I will keep you informed of the project at all times. We will treat the process as if it were a small seed that grows every day and with which we will discover new opportunities that we can carry out.
  • Active listening: A project will not be successful without listening to all the relevant information about your brand or company. That is why I am known for holding meetings in which we can communicate and understand each other easily and perfectly.
  • Punctuality: Due to my experience in a communication and marketing agency, I know first-hand the demands that some projects may bring. For this reason, I guarantee that we will meet the deadlines agreed in the first work meetings.
  • Passion: I dedicate myself to Digital Strategy and Marketing because it is my passion. On a daily basis, I keep myself informed of the latest updates and trends in Web Design, SEO Positioning and SEM Advertising Campaigns.
  • Resolution: No problem will go unsolved. I am known for working in a resolute and focused way to solve any kind of inconvenience as quickly as possible.