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Def. I optimise your website to have visibility in Google. We orient it towards the transactional keywords that really contribute to your brand or business. The goal is to develop an organic digital strategy with which you reach your goals and the results last over time. So, looking for a Freelance SEO Consultant?

How can I improve my website rankings in Google?

Many people want to see their business or brand in the top positions of Google. But only a few of them are the ones who manage to hit the key and position their company as an industry leader. Being the first in Google means being more likely to end up acquiring your service or product. All this depends on the SEO Strategy you decide to implement. SEO positioning is a strategy that can take up to 6 months to show results, however, when you meet the objectives set, they tend to last over time. I take care of defining a precise digital strategy that is oriented to generate results and scale your business.


Have the web site ready to be indexed and positioned on Google

Before we start submitting the website to Google, we must make sure it is optimised and ready to be indexed. To do this, we perform an SEO Audit to detect all those errors on the web that may prevent an optimal positioning. In this sense, we pay special attention to the optimisation of the code, the loading speed (WPO), the meta tags of the pages and the content of the same. Once all aspects have been analyzed, we implement corrections and study opportunities in terms of web structure, architecture and content. In addition, we also implement actions outside the web (SEO Off Page) getting links from third party sites (Backlinks) to increase the authority of your website.


Analyse the environment and competition

In order to define the digital strategy and know the actions that have generated the best results, we must study the environment and the competition. In this sense, we analyse the keywords that attract the most traffic, the behavior of users within your website, its architecture, structure and advertising campaigns. The objective is to generate growth opportunities and maximize the results of the strategy. As a Freelance SEO Consultant, I use software and tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Sistrix or Google to carry out detailed and specific reports.


Study and propose the keywords and web architecture to be implemented.

Once we have studied the competition, the environment and the website ready to begin to be indexed and positioned in Google, we begin to design a web architecture suitable for user navigability. After all, we must make it easier for traffic to find the content they are looking for quickly and intuitively. In addition, we must also orient each page of the domain towards each specific user query. The aim is to group the different sections of the website in such a way as to favour user navigation.


Implementing SEO On Page and SEO Off Page actions

Based on the keyword study carried out and taking into account the queries that generate the most traffic in the sector and in our competition, we plan the SEO On Page actions. In this way, we optimise the headings, the content, the images, the metas (search results) and the links of each page of the domain so that it is relevant for the user. We work on the content on a monthly basis so that the website is dynamic and adapts to the new queries that users use to find the brand’s services or products. In addition, we also carry out SEO Off Page actions, generating links on third party websites (backlinks), working on the Local SEO of Google Maps and managing social networks.

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My services as SEO Strategist and Consultant

There are many ways to work SEO as a Freelance SEO Consultant, in particular, after working for the last 8 years with clients from all types of sectors, I have 5 fundamental pillars for its operation.

Analysing the website and knowing all the errors and problems it may have is essential to be able to start working from a clean and optimised base. In this sense, we analyse 6 main points: Indexation, Content, Popularity, Penalties, Elements of trust and Web Analytics. The objective is to solve and improve the entire website, in order to favour future positioning in search engines.

Competition is an SEO factor to take into account whenever you start to plan any digital strategy. In this sense, I am a Partner of SEMrush, the most powerful digital tool for researching and analysing the different digital actions carried out by the competition. The objective is to develop the digital marketing plan taking into account the opportunities and problems that the competition has had in order to take advantage of them.

The most important element for positioning a website is the content. In this way, we research the best keywords that your customers use to find you and develop specific pages that meet their search intent. The goal is to maximise incoming traffic to your website and direct it to convert into sales or leads.

As a Freelance SEO Consultant, we optimise all the internal elements of your website to improve its positioning in search engines. In this sense, we place special emphasis on content, web architecture, keywords, code, images, links and other elements.

We research websites, directories, forums, social networks and blogs where we can place links to our website (backlinks). In this sense, we create a Link Building strategy by building a link architecture on third party websites to increase the popularity of the website and improve positioning.

If our business does not have a service or product that we can distribute more globally, these techniques that help us to geolocate our search results become almost indispensable for the success of the project.

Without forgetting that we also become more visible on Google Maps.

In addition, appearing in the first results of Google gives an image of professionalism compared to those who appear below.

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